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The legend goes that one day, not important where, one of the authors was reprimanded by his mum (in a rough Bergamo dialect) with the following sentence: "Fa sito, asen!" (translation: "Shut up, donkey!"). He misunderstood her and he threw himself body and soul into this project still considering her as his source of inspiration. So, at the dawn of the third Millennium, or better, at the twilight of the second one, the gods have given us the ideal instrument to give body and drive to our narcissism, in a delirious and insane self-celebration. It's not just a football team which goes on Internet, it's a part of humanity consisting of men who have tried clumsily and anxiously to make a poor existence, that often degenerated into "non-existence ". It's the loser's revenge, it's the slave's rebellion who assumes at least to the protagonist role in the hope of leaving a tangible sign of their passage on this earth. Will we be able to provoke in you, oh valiant Navigator, the interest that will justify your stay on these pages?