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THE GENESIS (that is from the Idea to the Realisation)

The JENE MULTI-SPORTS (it was born as "multi-sports" because, with acertain far-sightedness it was believed easy to pass, over time, from football to other sports, more suitable for older generations) plants its own roots, of no coincidence, in the mercy year 1982. It was at that point that the Historical Nucleus consisting of old "snacking companions" was struck by the brilliant intuition: "mens sana in corpore sano!" It told itself with a certain fair share of innocent and untrusty optimism. In beginning, the choice (later revealed as the winning one) was based on pulling together, not those expressing excellent technical qualities, but those who had moral and characterial affinity with the Historical Nucleus. The following step consisted of getting a supply of the suitable equipment and necessary items of clothing like boots, socks, shorts and jerseys, plus a bathroom-set (most of us received it with unconcealed suspicion) composed of bubble bath, bathrobes and flip flops. Finally they looked for a football pitch far from indiscreet looks and one Monday in September of 18 years ago an epic story started that would indelibly mark most of our lives.

THE CLIMB TO SUCCESS (that is from Achievement to Maturity)  

There were all the ingredients to reach the top of the ladder of celebrity status starting with first-rate human material which was lacking only in technique, physique and intelligence (nobody obviously noticed the lack of the last one). Nothing was left to chance in enhancing our athletic performance. Strict behavioural rules were laid down to be scrupulously adhered to both inside and outside the pitch. First of all sex, smoke, alcohol and heavy drugs like tripe, pigs trotters with lentils, pasta with beans and casserole before, after and during the matches were banned. Some of us, flying with enthusiastic wings, voluntarily submitted ourselves to a detoxification programme in a therapeutic community. But as rarely happens the gods came to help us and, goodness knows how, with a Rossini crescendo, we started to inhale a series of high level performances: individually taken we could seen as a collection of natural jokes but, together, sustained by a fighting and indomitable spirit, we were able to beat opponents of a more qualified pedigree. Our name, till that moment a laughing stock, started going about persistently within the football environment and many people threatened us convinced of being easily right of such a team: oh fool, oh inexperienced and naive! Few of them did well with the difficult task of beating us and it was so that we conquered respect and admiration. Soon, around the name Jene, a mythical aura, not a sweaty one was created. How difficult is it to ride the wave of success without being swept away! How hard life is for those, in the limelight, constantly put to the test who must give their best and whose best is always not enough!

THE STAR ON THE WANE (that is the Decline and Oblivion)

The years go by and it's well known that for all the fights, even though successful, there's a price to pay. During this 20 year course, many people have had to bow down, horribly marked on their bodies and minds. The old and loved Lasonil, the plasters, the bandages and the chrome-mercury have already been replaced by a drip, by-pass and oxygen curtains. But it doesn't matter: we, the ones who stand up to anything, we who keep running every Monday, maybe over weight, maybe white-haired or bald but with the same desire to win until new generations will be able to worthily replace us.