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Not all of those past dreams come true, but at least we had them.

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The Official Site of "Multi-sports JENE 1982" was conceived in Bergamo in October, in 1999 and came into the world on the 6th January 2000.  

To realise it we've needed:

 2 human beings with a versatile talent, 2 computers (one of which a portable), 1 camera, 245 packets of cigarettes, 128 beer cans, 7 red bottles of wine from Franciacorta, 1381 coffees, 4 pigs trotters with lentils, 28 shots of liquer, 457 hours of hard work (398 of which spent with obscene language), 5 aspirins, 2 note pads and 2 felt pens. 

 The authors would like to thank (in an absolutely casual order):

 the mothers, the wives (who have looked after the babies), the babies (who have helped in keeping the wives away), all the athletes on bail and the rest-homes which recover some of them, the beauticians, the barbers, the costume makers, the make-up artists, the translators and all of those who have enthusiastically given a helping hand, of all types, but always free

The revenues coming from this realisation will be totally transferred to ourselves.

 Please support this humanity enterprise in large numbers!!!