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J E N E 1982 . . .

The first official speech of our captain. 


My friends and brothers, but above all Jene: we're all a bit touched by what has been the official end of the '82 season. A season full of satisfaction which fills up our hearts with joy. We are a young team, we still have to grow up, but already we have fundamental qualities, a base of every success: we have all seen them on the field!. We've managed to win, we've drawn, but what is most important is that we haven't learnt to loose with dignity: because Jene haven't got dignity and we are proud of this. A 1983 full of satisfaction and big successes is awaiting us, the world is watching us and we are not going to disappoint it. All those eyes fixed on us will be one more reason to increase our anger, the wickedness which everybody acknowledges. I'd like to praise all the Jene who have contributed to this first glorious multi-sports Jene year.

JENA ROBY, with non-existent technical qualities for instance, has been a model in character and obstinacy. He has hunted respectable opponents and he's made them suffer by kicking and physically destroying them: how many of them have one of his footprints on their legs!!!!.

JENA LIVIO, is a pedigree forward who has often sacrificed himself for the team, suffering and eating up the miles, always held up by a remarkable technique, only stopped by misfortune when he was just about to reach great technical - athletic condition.

JENA GIGI , another implacable and rocky defender, heavy on the man and, like Jena ROBY with the goal licence in his sgroppate which have created panic between the opponents. We give him all our esteem and the highest consideration.

JENA ANGELO, has maybe the most variety in the Jene team. Enlightened and enlightening, with a masterly technique, held up thanks to a strong character and a great athletic condition, he's the man who has catalyzed our attacks by offering delicious balls to the forwards and scoring in the most wonderful ways.

JENA MARIO, He's a model of essentiality and effectiveness in the game, always ready to do all one can for the team. Unfortunately for the Jene his contribution has run out because of a serious accident. He's the man who
most deserves the bad luck prize.

JENA GAZZA, a goalkeeper who reminds us of Jascin, of Albertosi, of Boranga, of Valdir Perez and other big, extreme defenders who have influenced the self-confident and elegant style on every ball, especially in the plastic exits, in short, an octopus who has given confidence to defenders and who has saved the unstoppable by hypnotizing the opponent's forwards with his magnetic and intelligent look. He also deserves a prize for the fulfilment of a great season.

JENA PELLE, He's the most prolific forward, a diamond of a man (or rather a Jena) who has made up for the lack of an adequate stature by using cleverness and intelligence. Memorable and anthological goals which have crowned the team effort: I don't give a prize to the abuser, and not even to the gnome, but I give a prize to a great athlete.

Thank you again from your Captain player JENA PUMPEL